The Chania prefecture is the westernmost region on the island of Crete, and within its borders a myriad of adventures, sights and sounds await the visitor to this humble, yet sure of itself destination.

The town of Chania, sharing the name of the prefecture, is the capital of the area, and its charm is undeniable.

Chania Town is likely the best-preserved city in Crete, maintaining Venetian and Turkish structures from eras gone by, as well as a wealth of historic sites dating back through various civilizations and cultures. The city's old town offers a feel of the past, whereas the new town offers a more cosmopolitan edge.

The cosmopolitan city of Chania has been voted the most beautiful on Crete - it offers something for all visitors, with its Venetian harbor, museums, excellent indoor market and the Old Quarter of narrow streets packed with interesting shops.

Chania has an international airport with national scheduled flights all year round and abundant charter flights serving most of Europe during the tourist season - from approximately April until end of October.

Ferries sail to and from Athens (Piraeus) daily. The port of Souda is just a few kilometers away from the city center.

Food is offered in great variety! There are many restaurants and cafes open all year round during all hours of the day - or night.

The city of Chania is divided into two parts: the old town and the modern city which is larger. The old town is situated next to the old harbour while the modern city surrounds the entire old town.

Crete is considered a safe place to be.... crime is simply not a serious problem on Crete. Children are free to roam around town freely and night life is so vibrant, it is as safe as day time.

It is possible to walk from one end of town to the other end easily, passing by ancient ruins, the old wall, shops, squares and even a beach.

It is a vibrant place, rich in Byzantine, Venetian and Turkish history. Enjoy a relaxing meal or drink in one of the harbour front tavernas, with the lighthouse or the White Mountains as a spectacular backdrop.